Don't have a Fireplace? Ever wondered how Santa gets in without one?

   18 Nov 2017

This Christmas, bring a little bit of magic into your home, with Santa's Magical Fireplace.This stunning storybook and toy, is fast becoming a new Christmas tradition all over the world.

Ever been asked by your kids how Santa, gets in if you don’t have a chimney? Well, we were, so we decided to make one and a storybook to go with it!!

Santa's Magical Fireplace tells the tale of how the elves went about making the fireplace and the magical dust, so Santa doesn't have to squeeze through the half inch keyholes or under the door!!

The story and instructions for Christmas Eve, weave a tapestry of wonder for your child's imagination on the most magical day of the year.

Santa's Magical Fireplace, Building A Tradition.

Irish Printed. Irish Packaged. Irish Proud.

Santa's Magical Fireplace comes beautifully packaged with the Magical Fireplace, Magical Dust and the Illustrated childrens storybook.




“ SMF arrived in time, kids loved it, couldnt wait to put the magic dust on it and read the story. The excitement Christmas eve was lovely”

Breda, Cavan.


“My daughter knows the book by heart, she loves it!!”

Daithi, Galway


“We plastered over the old fireplace to my grandaughters horror, what about Santy she said! Your book came and we sat down on Christmas eve to read it together, it was a lovely moment. A memory we'll have forever. Thank you.

Anne, Perth.